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    General Wire SV-B-WC Super-Vee Package w/ 25HE1 (25' x 1/4") & 35HE2 (35' x 3/8") Cables, HECS Cutter Set, Extra Cartridge, Carrying Case



    • For sinks, tubs and laundry drains
    • Slide-Action™ chuck built into grip shield
    • Automatically adjusts to different cable diameters
    • Quick-change cartridge makes switching cables clean and easy
    • Unique Dyna-Thrust™ bearing system for longer tool life.
    • Band-It™ splashguard minimizes excess water spray from the spinning drum.
    • Holds 50 ft. of 1/4″ or 5/16″, or 35 ft. of 3/8″ Flexicore® cable.
    • Flexicore wire rope center cables have unequalled strength yet the right amount of flexibility.
    • Made in U.S.A.