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    Hydro Systems LINEAR DRAIN - Designer Collection Options, BRUSHED NICKEL


    Hydro Systems LINEAR DRAIN - BRUSHED NICKEL Designer Collection Options

    Hydro Systems offers two different styles of Integral W&Os. First is our standard “round” overflow cover. Second, is the “linear” cover (often called the “linear drain”). Both styles are Integral W&Os and both styles are available on most freestanding models and some drop-in or alcove models. For more information, please contact us.

    The integral linear waste and overflow option is a must! Not only does this feature give your bathroom a sleek and stylish look, it also adds an additional inch to your tub’s depth allowing you to soak even deeper into the warmth of your bathtub.

    An Integral Overflow is an overflow that is tied into the drain waste and is part of the bathtub. The benefits of an Integral W&O are as follows:

    The installation of an external overflow pipe and sanitary-t is unnecessary
    Much like a standard waste and overflow, an Integral W&O ensures that if you run too much water into the bathtub that it doesn’t overflow onto the floor
    Integral W&Os are quickly becoming a modern trend for bathroom design